For Everyone

CrewWatcher® is for everyone. The beacon is small enough to tuck away in clothing or attach to a pet collar using the universal attachment point.

Equip the entire crew affordably.


20x Faster Than AIS

Response time can mean the difference between life or death in cold water. Contrary to AIS beacons that are turned off while on board, CrewWatcher® actively monitors the crew. The alarm sounds within 6 seconds when a crew member goes overboard. The system records this location and directs the boat's return to the "point of loss."

A test by the Dutch sailing magazine Zeilen shows that AIS beacons typically take 1-2 (and sometimes up to 10) minutes before the boat first receives an MOB signal. This is due to the time it takes to acquire a “GPS fix” after the AIS beacon is powered.

Read the Zeilen test on AIS beacons (dutch)


Automatic & Smart

The CrewWatcher® alarm is automatically activated by loss of the beacon's signal OR by detecting water immersion. If a crew member gets dragged through the water while attached to the boat, the water sensor will alert the app and the alarm will sound.

The water sensor is smart, distinguishing rain and wave splashes from total immersion.

Read the PBO article on safety tethers.

MOB Compass

Using the virtual "MOB compass" on the app, CrewWatcher® visually guides you back to the point of loss, requiring zero input from you. While remaining portable, the MOB icon moves relative to your boat's course. You just need to keep the icon dead ahead.


Preventing False Alarms

CrewWatcher® beacons transmit at the maximum power limit permitted by the FCC for Bluetooth devices. This power means false alarms are unlikely. You can move around the deck or below without accidentally triggering the alarm.



Once you arrive at the point of loss, CrewWatcher® will show your boat's position within the estimated search radius.

Simultaneously, it scans for the beacon’s homing signal. The "Signal Found" screen tells you that the MOB is nearby, within a few boat lengths.