Set-up & Forget

Set it up once in three easy steps.

1. Download the app
2. Activate your beacon(s)
3. Pair your beacon(s) by simply holding each one against your phone; they will pair automatically using Bluetooth 4.2

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Using CrewWatcher

Once you have paired your beacon(s) to watch, you can activate CrewWatcher on your device -it's really easy. Just tap the top right toggle and wait for all the beacons to blink "watching." The background will turn from gray to green.

Monitor the battery and connection in real time. At a glance, you will be able to determine if anything is wrong. The phone monitors the beacon every second to be sure it is not in the water and that the connection is not lost.


Automatic Alarm

If an activated beacon detects water or loses its signal, the app will automatically sound an alarm within 6 seconds and will clearly voice the words, "man overboard" at maximum volume, even if the phone or tablet is in silent mode. The alarm intensifies over time until you tap the "start rescue" tab.

In addition to the audio alarm, your phone or tablet will vibrate and flash its camera's strobe light.

On the MOB screen you will see three urgent action reminders.


Intuitive Rescue Guidance

Using the Virtual MOB Compass,
CrewWatcher® visually guides you back to the point of loss. The MOB icon always moves relative to your boat until the MOB icon points straight ahead and watch the app screen turn green when the beacon's signal is found.


Once the signal is found, you will know you are within a few boat lengths of the MOB.