The fastest way to rescue
your man overboard.

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    For Everyone

    Your Spouse, your kids or even your dog. Equip the entire crew for the price of a single EPIRB.

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    30x faster than AIS

    Alarmed and ready to guide your rescue in 3 seconds. Intuitive rescue guidance, no input required.

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    Automatic & smart

    Automatically activated when overboard, even when dragged on by a safety tether using the water sensor.

What Is CrewWatcher®?

CrewWatcher® is a smart system that constantly checks if everyone is still on board using your phone and a beacon.

In case of a man overboard, the app will automatically sound the alarm in 3 seconds. Upon confirmation, you are provided with portable and intuitive rescue guidance. Requires zero input, it is like satnav for rescue.

What Is CrewWatcher<sup>®</sup>?

A convenient duo

A small beacon and your smartphone or tablet. That’s all there is to it.

The beacon easily fits into your life jacket or attaches to anything with the included string. Use it for your crew, your dog or even your dinghy.

Oh, there’s also no need to change the batteries. Under normal use, it lasts 3 years or more.

A convenient duo

Thoroughly Tested

CrewWatcher® is tested worldwide, by industry veterans, life long sailors and the Royal Dutch Coast Guard (KNRM).

Man Overboard Sea Trial

by the Royal Dutch Coast Guard

Trial executed by the Royal Dutch Coast Guard (KNRM) Date:​ Jan 21 2017.Location:​ Scheveningen, Netherlands.Water temp:​ 7°C.Time to hypothermia:​ 6 minutes.Weathe... continue »

Andy Schell

59 North Sailing

Overall CrewWatcher proved to be a simple, straightforward way to monitor our crew onboard Isbjorn. Perhaps most importantly, the device keeps the crew thinking 'like ... continue »

John Wetton

Yachtmaster Instructor,  Advanced Powerboat Instructor 

Until the arrival of CrewWatcher crew relied on owners / skippers to provide man overboard alerting systems, or had to spend a fair bit of money themselves. With the ... continue »

Jeffrey & Karen Siegel

Active captain, live aboard.

Although CrewWatcher was designed to keep track of crew onboard a boat, we've been testing it with our canine crew of 2 Labrador Retrievers. Dee Dee has jumped off th... continue »