Man Overboard Sea Trial

by the Royal Dutch Coast Guard

Trial executed by the Royal Dutch Coast Guard (KNRM) Date:​ Jan 21 2017.Location:​ Scheveningen, Netherlands.Water temp:​ 7°C.Time to hypothermia:​ 6 minutes.Weathe... continue »

Andy Schell

59 North Sailing

Overall CrewWatcher proved to be a simple, straightforward way to monitor our crew onboard Isbjorn. Perhaps most importantly, the device keeps the crew thinking 'like ... continue »

John Wetton

Yachtmaster Instructor,  Advanced Powerboat Instructor 

Until the arrival of CrewWatcher crew relied on owners / skippers to provide man overboard alerting systems, or had to spend a fair bit of money themselves. With the ... continue »

Jeffrey & Karen Siegel

Active captain, live aboard.

Although CrewWatcher was designed to keep track of crew onboard a boat, we've been testing it with our canine crew of 2 Labrador Retrievers. Dee Dee has jumped off th... continue »