For everyone

PanPan is for everyone.
It’s small enough to tuck away anywhere or attach to anything using the universal mounting hole.
Gift it to your spouse, have peace of mind when sailing with kids or use the dog collar mount to provide your canine companion with additional safety.
Equip the entire crew for the price of a single EPIRB.


30x faster than AIS

Response time can mean the difference between life or death in cold waters.

Contrary to passive AIS beacons, PanPan is actively monitoring the crew. Sounding the alarm within 3 seconds from a man over board.

A recent test by the Dutch sailing magazine “Zeilen” showed, AIS beacons typically take 1,5 but up to 15 minutes before a first MOB signal can be received due to the time it takes to get a “GPS fix.”

Read the Zeilen test on AIS beacons (dutch)


Automatic and Smart

The PanPan alarm is automatically activated by detecting water or loss of signal. Even if a crew member gets dragged on by a safety tether on the side of the boat, you will technically still be in range but the water sensor will make sure the crew is alerted nontheless. The water sensor is also smart, distingishing rain or waves from a man overboard event.

Read the PBO article on safety tethers.

MOB compass

Using the MOB compass, PanPan visually guides you back to
the point of loss requiring zero input while remaining portable. The MOB icon always moves relative to your boat. You just steer, get it dead ahead and watch it turn green.


Preventing false alarms

The PanPan mesh network

PanPan beacons transmit at the power limit of what is allowed by the FCC for Bluetooth devices. However, we found that the limit is sometimes not enough.

The reliability of a Bluetooth connection is very dependent on obstacles between sender and receiver (beacon and smartphone)

As a remedy, this we created the mesh network. In the network data can be repeated over any beacon or smartphone in the PanPan network, allowing the connection to find alternate paths and significantly extend it’s effective range. It also generates redundancy. If a smartphone crashes or runs out of power, a second tablet or smartphone automatically takes over.*

*Available as a free software update after launch.


Once at the point of loss, PanPan will show your position within the estimated search radius along with the track you've covered within that radius.

Simultaneously, it scans for the beacon’s homing signal. A real time position is automatically calculated once the signal is found.

You will also be alerted of the MOBs proximity.