PanPan is a smart crew watcher that constantly checks if all crew members are still on board. If someone were to go overboard, it will automatically sound the alarm. Not only that, it will provide everything needed for a swift recovery and rescue; Coordinates of the point of loss, time of the event as well as a constantly updating rescue heading.

Unique to PanPan is that it works with what you already have; your smartphone or tablet. All devices that run the app work together, extending range and ensuring the crew’s safety.

The system works like a virtual life line and is made up of two components:
a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by the crew. Unlike competitor products, the beacon does not require complex manual activation. The alarm will trigger automatically in a man over board event but is smart enough to distinguish such an event from rain or splashing waves.

Current solutions are often too expensive for the individual, let alone an entire crew. PanPan will enter the market at a price that makes safer sailing affordable for all.


PanPan was born early 2016 after Jason Schot’s father in law told him about a challenge he was facing; He was going on a sailing trip with his son that would require them to sail in shifts. Day and night. The alternating shifts meant there is always a risk to fall overboard without the other knowing.

This challenge, incubated the first prototype of PanPan. A prototype that continued to be well received by everyone in the industry. Realizing PanPan's potential and that he couldn't properly code, Jason teamed up with Julien Ranzijn to make safer sailing available to everyone.


After a lot of 3D printing, epoxy experiments and soldering the first alpha series of PanPan are now complete. The team is currently coding, sailing, crash testing and getting closer to the production model every day.