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PanPan, The smart crew watcher that constantly checks if everyone is still on board using your phone and a beacon.

The following is included;

  • One PanPan beacon.
  • App is included and can be downloaded through Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store.
  • Quick Start Guide (download)


Dimensions 84 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight 48 grams
Color Orange
Waterproof Watertight to IP66 standards
Signal range Up to 200 meters (line of sight)
Battery life 3 years and more with normal use.
Connections Up to six connected beacons per device.
(might differ per device brand)
Operational limits Between -40°C to +85°C.
Operating system Android 5.1 and up.
iOS 6.1 and up.
Bluetooth A device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 and up.
GPS GPS (Not assisted GPS like in WiFi iPads)
Storage At least 50 mb of free space.
Vessel Works best on non steel boats up to 45 foot.
(Using more beacons might increase coverage and minimize false alarms.)
Is this just an app?
No, PanPan comes in two parts: an app for your smartphone or tablet and a small beacon.
The beacon is small enough to fit anywhere.
Does it require a cellular or WiFi network?
No, PanPan is an independent system.
It creates it's own network and is operable anywhere in the world.
What technology are you using and what is the estimated range?
The beacons are equipped with a specialized, long range Bluetooth 4 antenna. This makes for about 200m line of sight range.
This range is meant to cover only the boat.

The phone polls the beacon every second, asking whether or not you are in the water and still in range. In case you are not, it will sound the alarm.
Can I use multiple phones or tablets?
Yes! In fact, every phone/tablet on board running the app will work together, increasing redundancy and range.
So how does it work? What triggers the alarm?
PanPan uses a double verification system before sounding the alarm.
In the most basic sense, the phone is constantly polling the beacon, are you not wet and still in range?
If the answer is yes, then all is ok. If not, it will sound the alarm. After confirming the alarm, you will be shown:

- Coordinates of the point of loss.
- Time of the event.
- Distance to the point of loss.
- A constantly updating rescue heading.

As you get in close proximity to the MOB, the app will alert you through a recovered homing signal.
Do I need to carry my phone on deck?
No, your phone stays in the cabin.
Preferably hooked up to the charger and your audio system. You take the small beacon with you.
Does this work with my device?
If you have an Android or iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch) with Bluetooth 4 or up, you are good to go. Bluetooth 4 is fitted in most devices relased after 2011, for example any iPhone 4s and up, or any Samsung Galaxy S3 and up will work perfectly.
What are the beacon dimensions and weight?
A PanPan beacon is 84 x 30 x 30 mm and weighs about 48 grams.
Can I use this for my pet?
Yes! The beacon is small enough to attach to a collar or to a pet harness. You can then name your pet seperatly in the app
Can I check the battery status?
Yes! The app constantly shows the battery status icon. You can also request the exact percentage left and an estimate of how long that percentage will last you.